Why We Do It

“I wish I could find this food in my neighborhood… This is what we aspired for MEDBAR™ to achieve with regards to the Mediterranean geography. Consider it our invitation for you to visit and discover!” -Aziz

MedBar™ exists to represent what is real and nourishing with savory, authentic flavors from the Mediterranean. We believe that eating fast doesn’t mean eating fast food, that bars on the go can feed your body and your senses, and that real, healthy food can be delicious and gourmet. We’re here to help raise the bar on the definition of good eating by using ingredients that are pure, unique and delicious.


Our company and our products

adhere to 4 rules:


Be real. 

Everyone claims to be authentic so we want to be real. We are real in how we represent our ingredients and our mission. We use real flavors, from real places, with real health benefits. 


Be good.

We don’t just want our food to be good and nourishing, we want our impact on the community to be positive, as well. Let’s be good to our bodies and let’s do good in our communities through education and outreach about healthy living.


Be essential.

No fluff, no gimmicks–just real, essential flavors. Additives are for other brands. We keep our ingredients pure so you always know what you’re eating. All natural sugars, spices, cheeses, and nuts. Nothing that sounds like it was made in a lab–all good things, made by nature.


Be educational.

We don’t just want to provide nourishing and savory food, we want to educate our communities about healthy eating from other cultures that they can adopt at home. We want to educate everyone from kids to adults about what good food can do to improve your spirits and your quality of life.



Contact us

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