Who We Are

We’re a group of food and nutrition enthusiasts who truly believe that food should be an experience, it should feed your soul as well as your body, and that everyone should have access to real, pure ingredients.

MedBar™ was founded with one simple idea: Make good food that’s good for you. We wanted to make gourmet on-the-go snacks with the exotic flavors of the Mediterranean– and MedBar™ was born. Our bars were made to transport you to exotic places with flavors like Fig & Rose, Za’atar, and Dates & Nuts.

We want to keep MedBar™ healthy and tasty so we set these rules for our products:

  • Not TOO sweet. We say “No!” to artificial sweeteners–our sugars come from honey, acacia, and pomegranate.
  • Keep it real. Real Mediterranean flavors, with real health benefits. Eat better and feel better, even on the go.
  • Cater to everyone. Whether you want sweet or crunchy/salty, we have a MedBar for you. From Figs & Dates to Pomodoro and Hummus, we have flavors to satisfy all cravings.

We’re here to help raise the bar on the definition of good eating by using ingredients that are pure, unique and delicious.

We hope you love eating it as much as we’ve loved making it!


Team MedBar™

Aziz Azarifi


A global traveler passionate about history, cultures and food, Aziz is no stranger to exotic tastes and authentic experiences, backed by 20+ years of executive experience in the food industry across multiple countries, he decided to share his food passion with as many people as possible and decided that MedBar™ will be the way.

He believes a food revolution is taking place across the world, and he can contribute to its success by stretching the realm of flavors and tastes accessible to US consumers.

In addition to his commitments with MedBar™, Aziz enjoys coaching and mentoring young entrepreneurs across various industries. His motto is, “The journey is the reward.”

Next project? Promoting the benefits of authentic flavors and nutrition within school canteens.


Akram Khreis

Co-Founder & COO  

A serial entrepreneur who is passionate about disrupting industries with a successful track record of leading several startup businesses across the emerging markets spanning from the Middle East to Africa.

A career that started with PepsiCo.,  Akram brings over 25+ years of experience serving the food and beverages industry, with his diverse background and passion for new adventures, he is now defying conventions by bringing exotic flavors into the hands of many who seek unique and satisfying tastes.

Akram is a proud recipient of the prestigious EY Country Entrepreneur of the Year Award ~ in 2016.


Genevieve Thompson

Partner & General Manager 

Gen’s passion for natural foods kick-started at a very young age eating farm to table, and with rich Latin heritage from Spain and Mexico ~ the love for authentic food was destined. 

Following the footsteps of her Bisabuelos, Gen began her own entrepreneurship in the food industry when she founded and launched the Two Hot Mamas Salsa Co. brand in 2003.  After Two Hot Mamas Salsa Co. garnered critical acclaim for her “Latin With A Twist” recipes and national distribution, Gen began her next project.

Gen is now the General Manager of SPI, overseeing all aspects of the company, and helping to build and launch future products and nutrition initiatives.


Contact us

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P.O. Box 41235

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